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Our stopwatch speaks in many languages!
Our stopwatch has simple and user-friendly, and it's super correct.
Our highly responsive stopwatch ensures error-free results.
Welcome to TimerTone.com! The first thing you'll notice is that our stopwatch works in various languages.It allows you to add laps. It's super accurate, too—we guarantee it. You'll love how easy it is to use: just press the button, and it will start counting up down to milliseconds. When you're done, just click on the stop button and stopwatch result will appear on your screen. Our experts have tested Timertone stopwatch tool in different platforms: it's error-free, cool and super correct, so be sure, it is one of the best on the web!


Yes - Our responsive timertone stopwatch has that feature, just press our handy lap button in order to record laps.

Our software experts have tested the timertone online stopwatch, and can guarantee it is highly correctly.

The timertone.com stopwatch has been tried and tested at millisecond intervals by an expert team.

An online stopwatch is hosted on a website, is a watch with buttons which you press at the beginning and end of an event, so that you can measure exactly how long it takes..